How to Prepare for the Spring Thaw

After a harsh, cold winter, the clear, sunny skies and rising temperatures of spring are much appreciated. However, spring can be a potentially dangerous time of year for homeowners. It’s the time of year when flooding is most likely to damage a home.
Here are some tips to prepare and protect your home and family from flooding.

  • Keep an emergency kit on hand, stock up on extra food and water.
  • Watch forecasts.
  • Shovel snow away from your homes foundation and windows.
  • Clear gutters of debris to improve water flow.
  • Store important objects or family heirlooms off the floor and in plastic/waterproof containers.
  • Clear basements of food, chemical products, sharp objects, and furniture to prevent contamination.
  • Unplug appliances in areas that could be flooded.
  • Ensure drain ditches around homes are clear of debris.
  • Install sump pump.

The sudden melting of snow, the thawing of ice underground, and the expectation of heavy rain in early spring most always combine for a realistic possibility of an emergency. Be sure to prepare your home to prevent flooding from spring thaw. 

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