Coach Homes: Keeping Your Money Close To Home

Whether your focus is on keeping family close, or creating rental income, coach houses can help you transform available property into fabulous, functional living space.

Ottawa’s zoning rules have recently changed, allowing for separate coach houses on the lots of pre-existing homes. It’s a semi-permanent building with a foundation, insulation, with services such as water, sewer, electricity and sometimes gas taken from the existing primary dwelling. The idea of having a detached living space that could be anything you wanted can be very appealing to homeowners. They are experimenting with the limits of this concept, creating studios, man/woman caves, rental units and guest homes.

Coach Homes of Ottawa took it one step further and also developed a line of affordable homes that provide practical and accessible living spaces for seniors. It offers individuals an independent option, yet keeps them close to family without the renovations and without feeling like a burden. While most coach homes require payments up-front, these models can be installed on a bylaw-compliant lot, rented, and later removed. They also come with a superior package of home care services with reduced and flexible costs to promote better health care. 

They provide services including personal support workers, professional foot care, expert dental hygiene, a physiotherapist-guided exercise plan and a nutritional meal daily. Coach Homes of Ottawa also has established criteria that ensured accessibility (barrier-free) and safety within the design process. Items such as safety grab bars, 36-inch door openings, specifically designed cabinetry and more allow for our units to meet all the needs of a senior and/or a person with disabilities.

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